Bar Care Instructions

   All of our tiki bars are designed to be left outside all year round. They can handle the harsh winds and rain. Simply cover with a tarp and some nylon rope in the winter months as seen in the photo. You do not want the weight of several inches of snow on an "uncovered" thatched roof. If you are in the southern region, this will not be necessary. All of our bars are designed to break down in just 5 minutes if you'd like to store it indoors or better yet....move yours indoors to enjoy in the Winter months. Just bring it back out in the Spring ! If your are expecting a hurricane in your area, at least remove the roof and put it somewhere calm until it passes.

  As you now, Mother Nature can eventually cause a little wear on everything that is outdoors. Sometimes you have to wax your car, stain your deck, etc  We have posted a maintenance video on line.  These simple steps should take about a half an hour and done as needed through the years. NOTE ; The Tiki Bar used in the video was not maintained for  several years to show how even a very, very neglected Tiki Bar can be brought back to part ready condition !Copy and paste..                       " How to Restore Bamboo"                 then go to and paste the words.