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Bar Care Instructions


Depending on how hard the sun and rain come in contact with your new bar, you will occasionally want to bring it back to life.

With these simple tips, you will enjoy the great look of your bar for years to come with a few strokes of a brush !

  1st... PLEASE CHECK OUT OUR VIDEO ON  www.youtube.com  ENTER THE WORDS " White Sands Tiki Bars How to Restore Bamboo"

#1 To increase the life of the thatched roof, on a calm day, spray all the thatch with a spray can of Thompson’s water seal in the beginning of each season and again in the middle of the season. ( Read the simple instructions on the can) It only cost about $8 per can. This will help to repel the water and should only take about 5 minutes.

#2 In a few years, if the bamboo starts to lose it’s shine, take a wide paint brush and generously apply Minwax indoor/outdoor Helmsman Spar Urethane. It only costs about $16 a quart and you'll only need about 1/4 of a can so it will last you for quite a while. . Use up and down strokes and don’t worry about it touching the wood backing. It’s fine if you do. Again. Just a 5 minute job. It's also o.k. to clean the bamboo with soap and water if needed.

#3 Like a deck or any other outdoor wood furniture, the bar top will occasionally need some attention. Just brush on the same Spar Urethane as in step #2. You‘ll want to do this when the temperature is below 80 degrees for a couple of days or it will be tacky. All these products can be found at Lowe’s. Home Depot or most hardware stores.

#4 The inside panels and bar stool tops are painted with ...BEHR PREMIUM ULTRA EXTERIOR PAINT AND PRIMER. The color is ESPRESSO BEANS. We use a FLAT paint to give it that rustic look.

#5  Winter options;

A ) Remove the carriage bolts from the top and bottom, store the panels with poles attached and roof in the garage. Each bar breaks down in just a few minutes. 

B ) Remove the roof and store indoors and cover the rest with large blue tarp. Weigh down tarp at the bottom with heavy objects so the winter winds don’t get underneath

C ) Cover the whole bar with roof attached with large plastic tarp and weigh down as in step “B”

D ) Move the bar into your garage, basement or family room for the winter holidays to enjoy year round !!! If the height of the bar is an issue… No problem. Call me and give me you room height. I will cut you some shorter poles that you can switch out .


Thank you once again for your purchase and please… If you have any problems, just call me. I will try and make it right ! My reputation is everything !

Enjoy and CHEERS !!!

Jeff Lennon

White Sands Tiki Bars, LLC

313 942 7194

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